A little Libra

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful, caring, and forever nurturing mothers out there. It’s crazy this post has come about; but hey, now the cat’s out of the bag… ME, freaking ME! Melissa is going to be a MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Still hella surreal, but this human being is really growing rapidly inside of ME. With that being said… I decided to finally share my wonderful news with you all, and also give my little one something to come back to later on in life!

So Mommy has decided… there will be a lot of story time. I know, there will be a lot of questions. But I promise to be gentle in my responses, eager with my explanations, and filled with amazing stories.

Mommy can’t wait to tell you how surprised Daddy and I were to find out you were coming. Shxt, you weren’t planned, let alone Mommy even being sure she wanted to be with Daddy. However, Mommy and Daddy decided we were going to be a team and I couldn’t have asked for a better teammate.

Mommy won’t stop praising your Daddy for the amazing man he is and I love him for that. You’ve probably noticed Mommy can be really difficult at times, but Daddy shows a lot of patience. Let’s hope you’re not as bad as Mommy.

Your HUGE family can’t wait to meet you. All the love you’re getting is incredible, Mommy is eternally grateful. You’re going to learn so much from us my biracial baby. You’re already beyond spoiled, it’s astonishing.

I hope you know you made Mommy really really sick quite frequently in the beginning, but I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. Daddy is already extremely overbearing, but once you’re in this world you’ll understand all the love he has to give.

Mommy knows you’ll be different. Mommy promises to love you unconditionally. Teach you all the things you’ll need to know. You’re Mommy’s pride and joy, yet you’re not even here. Mommy can’t wait to share you with the world on her own terms.

October 2018… Mommy will begin a great new chapter. I promise baby Milo you mean everything to me! Mommy prays over you constantly. I can’t wait to hold your little fingers. Brush your hair. Sing you lullabies. Be your biggest fan. I know you’re going to be so beautiful inside and out. Mommy promises to keep all her promises to you.

Love ALWAYS unconditionally,

Mommy Dearest ❤️


  1. I’m so excited for you. Your are going to be the best /strong mother to this beautiful life growing inside of you. I wish nothing but the best on this joruney !

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