Fall is Upon Us -November is here. Let all things, Fall into place!

img_0430Hi everyone,

What a brief month October was… I mean those 31 days just flew right on by. So many amazing things had happened to me in that short time span and I just had to share.

Though I’d love to do this so much more often, I know I need to practice what I preach… dedication! So here I am, up before the sunrise and after a good mediation moment… I  decided to put this keyboard to use.

Now story time:

I took an international trip all by myself; all by my lonesome, your girl definitely did that. I can honestly truly say, I was bothered at first. No one could make it.. not a soul. However, that vacation for my birthday; which was on the 15th revealed so much to me about myself and the people around me. I’ve come to understand that I cannot continue to hold on to dead weight, when I know that me being myself is worthy enough. So I’ve decided that chapter 27 of my life is all about elevation. With elevation, separation may come too and I’m completely okay with that. Because I decided to choose me. No. Matter. What.

This might get a little lengthy, but I promise you it’ll be worth it.

Elevation: I choose to look at it as an advancement in life. I was gone for 5 days and really had time to reflect on what that really means to me. Though I’m doing good for myself, I know that I can always do better. We sometimes don’t see how quickly our lives are put on pause, or remain stagnant by trying to please others when in reality you’re not hurting anyone but yourself. That was me; I’m the go to shoulder for advice, to lean on, the person who always just has a solution for everyone and thing; but myself! So that created a bit of resentment for me, but I couldn’t blame anyone but myself.

As I was on the plane ride back to the states I told myself; Melissa that trip was great. You need to do this more, just for you. So from there on… I knew what I loved the most had to be me, not just those around me. So, elevation… sticking up for myself more, allowing those around me to make their mistakes, keeping my promise to myself…. putting me FIRST. So I say; let all things fall into place.

With fall here, and a new month, November.. it’s never to late to start a new chapter in your book. This chapter would lead you to understand you for a better you. Find perspective on how you would be if you thought for yourself, applied yourself, and really gave it your all. Investing your time in things that better you. Some people around you may not understand where you’re going, but they ever discourage your positive change, they aren’t the ones for you.

I now come to understand even those I love the most still wont make it apart of the journey that I will go through and that’s okay. Let all things Fall into place. Stop questioning are you making the best decision for yourself.

Let all things Fall into place.

Let all things Fall into place.

I repeat that so you understand, man can manipulate everything but time! So your time will come, don’t quit.

As I leave you all…

Find your peace. Keep your peace. Protect your peace, at all costs!


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