Note to Self

Hi everyone!

Sometimes I get on here thinking I’ll have a lot to say, or bring forth something powerful that will help someone, but lately I haven’t been feeling inspired. It’s been so much chaos around myself, but I choose to not neglect the fact that sometimes people need to hear how you feel in order to identify. So here goes… I had a moment today, and it came to me.. Note to Self!

I think I’m serving my purpose to want to inspire, but what happens when I feel like I cannot inspire myself? Don’t feel discourage, that’s a step in growing. Sometimes we surprise ourselves when we step outside of our comfort zone, but it shouldn’t take someone else to burst that bubble that makes you want to go hard.

So note to self: even when you feel like you’re in this by yourself, it’s okay.. Maybe being by yourself will help you figure out the best for you. 

Note to Self: it’s okay to outgrow people who no longer serve their purpose in your life. If bringing life to a relationship is your only duty.. You must not revive what doesn’t deserve you. 

Note to Self: patience is key! Easier said than done, but we ALL have our own seasons. Don’t be discouraged that everyone around you is flourishing.. invest in yourself, you won’t forget your journey!

Note to Self: never stop believing that you can. It’s easy to push things off if they’re complicated, but what if you’ve just blocked your blessing? It’s time that we are our own worst enemy, but even the enemy has to fight a battle. Who shall you let win? You or the enemy?

Note to Self: let go of the hurt! Stop holding on to what has wronged you and focus on what is right for you. Hurt people hurt people; we cannot stop that, BUT we can stop it from affecting how we feel about life, and those around us. 

Note to Self: Be dependent on yourself! Be dependent on you to understand that everything that you want for yourself will come true, if you really want it. Take those steps to accomplish the little goals you have, no matter how minuscule an accomplishment is an accomplishment.

Note to Self: love yourself! Self-hate is a disease that cruel people will fuel on you… Stay true to yourself, what you believe in, and make your company your best company.

Note to Self: no matter how good you are to people, they will hate you for no reason. That’s a big thing learned in life. You can love, but won’t get love back! This is why loving yourself is a major key.

Note to Self: I will be great! No matter how hard, how long, how high I have to climb… I will be great. 

Give yourself time to flourish. Continuing loving those around you that mean well, let go of those that don’t. We ALWAYS see the signs, but sometimes neglect them. No matter what, YOU come first and YOU are AWESOME!

I know this is quite the read, but if you’ve made it to the end… I APPRECIATE YOU!!

Until next time! 




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