Hello October


Hi Guys,
For the past few months I’ve started writing a post, but never finishing it. I now know that’s my biggest problem in life, starting something and not seeing it through. I downloaded this app called affirmations, and I haven’t been using it awhile. So the other day, I decided to go on the app and I clicked my affirmation and it stated: “I posses the qualities to be extremely successful.” I sat there and I said to myself, the only person stopping me is me!

Now that, that is out of the way!

Hello October, the month that bring awareness to the Ta-Tas! For all women, young and old please go and get that mammogram done, you just never know. For those who’ve suffered, overcame, or even know someone dealing with breast cancer NEVER STOP BEING A FIGHTER. I know that’s easier said than done, but whose going to fight for you, if you can’t fight for yourself? We’re all soldiers, we just have different war fronts at times.

Hello October, chapter 10 of a 12 chapter series on life annually. Where pumpkins are being craved for pleasure. People using this month as a tool to dress up and maybe act a fool. But I have to ask, have you guys seen any growth within yourself? Shit I’m still sitting here saying, 2017 just started, how are we here now? Where has the time gone? What have I really done for myself? Then I sit back and analyze that this is my story. This is my truth, so it doesn’t matter how it looks, so as long as I believe in my truth.

Hello October, the month that will start chapter 27 of my story. I’m not sure when I’ll conclude the book, but I think  I have a lot more fire burning in me before I decide to pull that plug. I’ll be 27 this year.. 27 years… (sighs) that’s almost 10,000 days (9,855 to be exact)! Yet, I’m still learning. Still trying to figure out how to be an adult, not just that, but a responsible adult. I’ve taken experiences from home, work, school, and even social settings to figure out… where do I fit in. In this society today, how can I fit in?

Hello October, there’s just 2 more chapters left in this story, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate that goal you never got to finish, what’s missing? Maybe today starts your clean slate, maybe today you’ll find the love in life. The passion to want to make all our dreams come true. The patience to see everything through. The courage to stand up for your beliefs. The power in understanding you are enough.

Hello October, there’s so much more that I’d love to ask of you, but I’ll pen openly after 31 days.. exactly how good you were to me. The good, bad, and the ugly.
Until next time guys!

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