Bey like Beyonce. 

As the title states.


Formation Tour 2016 San Diego

Anyone that knows me, knows how much I admire that woman. Not just when it comes to her undeniable beauty, but Beyonce as a whole. Arguably one of the greatest entertainers living, she’s known worldwide. A marketing genius when it comes to her brand and she just gives me so much LIFE!

However, I want to go in depth a little when I say “Bey like Beyonce” ladies. In society today we all seem to be trying to either keep up with trends, or be the name and/or face behind it. With social media being a huge part of our lives, it just seems so easy to get lost in our reality. It’s like you always have to have a presence or else people will forget about you. Well I say “Bey like Beyonce” guard your privacy, you deserve some peace in your life.

When I was younger I used to always feel like as a fan of Beyonce why doesn’t she share so much more about her life…. We WANT to know; but then the older I became, I understood at times even if you want to scream your news to the world.. It’s okay to keep it to yourself or share it later. Here we have one of the most recognizable people on the planet and still she has a mystery about her that most would love to know.

I say “Bey like Beyonce” the entertainer who gives her all to her work. A perfectionist some would call her, but never have I ever been to a concert where this woman doesn’t give her all and some.  So if Bey can do it, so can you, but you have to want it, just as bad. “Bey like Beyonce” the mother who still allows her little girl to be a little girl even if mommy is a global sensation. “Bey like Beyonce” the brand who undeniably breaks the internet every single time (who says just sex sells)!

Ladies it’s okay to still be regular, we all shine different. Idolize the person you want to be, not just the person you look up to. Be an inspiration to yourself first, and the rest shall follow. This world can be cruel, but we’re all still beautiful in our own special way.

Bey like Beyonce!

Be the best to ever do you!

Until next time guys!

-itsMelissaKris 😘


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