Hi Guys,

Welcome to 2018!! I know, I’ve been absent, but I’ve been growing. There’s so much news I’d like to share, and I will, so just sit tight for updates 🙂 To start off, I would like  to thank each and every soul, that takes the time out to read, share feedback, and grasp what is it that I’m throwing out there. There comes a time where we really do have to take advantage of the platforms given to us and I’ve found that this mean of self expression can be so liberating.

Anyway, I had already started to write this morning, but after a great conversation with a dear friend.. I’ve decided to shift focus… So, let’s talk about our Queens, our BLACK Queens. 

This isn’t a piece made to bash others, but a piece simply written to express the gratitude that I feel when it comes to being a BLACK Queen. I’ll start off my saying instead of woman, I’d like to start using the term Queen more often in my vocabulary until it becomes second nature. I say this because I feel that all women are royal, but each woman in their right is born a Queen.

In dictionary terms the word Queen: “the female ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth.” We are Queens from lineage.  Keeping together our families, our homes, our lives, and our people. But there is something about the resilience of a BLACK Queen that favorably continue to stand out. Regardless of how hard life gets, or how unfair things may be.. The BLACK Queen moves through most adversities with such poise, sometimes it’s thought of as a natural gift. BLACK Queens, you may feel under appreciated, but you’re not. As one moves through society, there’s a lot to say about the value of a Queen, let alone the value of a BLACK Queen.

Let not the words of those who don’t understand your struggle deter you from being the best person you can be.

Let not the love you’ve given keep you from loving those who don’t give you the same in return.

Let not the media or those who don’t understand you, keep you from soaring and making all your dreams come true.

You’re so graceful BLACK Queen.

You’re so passionate BLACK Queen.

You’re so amazing BLACK Queen.

Most of all…. remember your melanin costs more than gold… So BLACK Queen, your value is invaluable.

In dedication..

Mama, you BLACK Queen… I thank you.. I thank you for guidance, strength, love, and life.




  1. My love, Mel…
    I am so proud of you for venturing off starting your own blog. This read is amazing, and I look forward to reading more of your blogs in the future. Continue to shine, and never let anyone or anything deter you! You are destined for greatness, Queen!
    I love you! 😘

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